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Welcome to the Pringle Electronics Group (PEG)
Design Services Website!


Pringle Electronics Group primarily serves the                                             Latest News
                                                                                                                          September 19, 2014;
                                                                                                                           Electronics deploys first IoT
                                                                                                                           application for home automation
Embedded Systems related industries providing                                        June 7, 2013; Pringle Electronics
hardware, software, FPGA and FPGA-SoC design                                     Group is selected to be Silego
and consulting services. We also provide product
                                    Certified Design Partner.
design services at the architectural, schematic                                        April 8, 2013; Pringle Electronics
and PCB design level for all types of systems.                                             Group is selected to be Beta
                                                                                                                           Site for Altera's new SoC Tool Suite

Whether your project requires a little help
or an end to end solution, Pringle Electronics Group
can help. The PEG team brings over 34 years of
experience to your company, plus a network
of experts for special project requirements.

Services include:

Pringle Electronics Group is partnered with many industry leaders as a Certified Design Consultant, including
Altera, Cypress (PSoC), Mentor Graphics (PADs PCB Service Bureau), Atmel (AVR/AVR32), Silego and Renesas.

Altera Design
              Services Network                           Cypress Authorized Design Partner               Mentor Graphics PADs Service Bureau                                                                                                                                                    

   AVR Consultant                      Renesas Alliance Partner                     Silego Certified Partner                                                    


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